March 18, 2023

Album Release Tour

From Thursday April 6 until Tuesday April 11 2023 Daniel and his band will go on a tour in The Netherlands to celebrate the release of his debut album. They will present the music from ´Out of Shadows´ and more. The shows in Alkmaar, Volendam an Amsterdam will include opening acts featuring local musicians. Special thanks to NH Pop, Noord-Hollandse PopKanjers and Het Cultuurfonds for helping realise the tour.

March 15, 2023

NH PopKanjer

On Wednesday, March 15 2023, Daniel received a Makersregeling grant and a PopKanjer from NH Pop, platform for pop music and pop culture in Noord-Holland. These grants help Daniel and his band realise the upcoming ´Out of Shadows´ album release tour. Special thanks goes to Noord-Hollandse PopKanjers, Het Cultuurfonds and Pop- en Cultuurhuis PX in Volendam.

January 17, 2023

Article Texelse Courant

On Tuesday, January 17 2023, the Texelse Courant published an article about Daniel´s musical journey and about his concert in Den Hoorn on Texel on January 22. Journalist Eva Groot writes about his youth on the island, about his path to becoming a professional musician and about his transition from being a session bass player into being an artist.

She also sheds light on the story about the making of the Out of Shadows album and she takes the reader on a little journey around the globe, from the conception of the songs in the mountains of Bulgaria to the finishing touch of the album on the beaches of Valencia.

March 13, 2023

Exclusive feature Rolling Stone India

On Friday, January 13 2023, Rolling Stone India published an article about the official music video for ¨Fly Away¨, the first single of the upcoming album Out of Shadows. Anurag Tarat, assistant editor of RS India, asked Daniel questions about working with Spanish director Jep Jorba and about his relationship with Indian producer Shakthi Prasad, who produced his debut album.

December 28, 2023

¨Fly Away¨ Single Release Tour

In January 2023 Daniel will go on a three-city tour in The Netherlands with musical friends Juliano Abramovay (Brazil) on oud and guitar, Massimiliano Dosoli (Italy) on clarinet and bass clarinet and Jacobus Thiele (Germany) on percussion. They will play a selection of songs from the upcoming album Out of Shadows, as well as repertoire by John Zorn, Juliano Abramovay and Rabih Abou Khalil.

September 12, 2022

Exclusive Live Set @ The Artist Valencia

On Saturday, October 8 2022, Daniel will perform an exclusive live concert at the Artist Bar in Cabanyal in Valencia. Isaac Wisdom (USA) on keys, Victor Goldschmidt (Belgium) on drums, Malena Marcase (USA) on backing vocals and Aliyah Qualls (USA) on backing vocals will join him on stage and they will perform music from his upcoming debut album Out of Shadows.

September 6, 2022

Berklee Interview

On Tuesday, September 6 2022, Berklee College of Music published an article about Daniel´s experiences during his masters of Contemporary Performance at the Valencia campus in the 21/22 season. The article, written by Victoria Rosenthal, also sheds light on current projects that he is working on, such as the making of his debut album Out of Shadows.